Providing another layer of support and community for those once trained in YWAM

If you have left YWAM and are needing community, are wanting to be notified of events, online courses, mentoring opportunities, or anything else tailored to YWAMers in the Spheres, then join us by filling out the form and you'll get emailed of what to do next.

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Jordan & Keltie Taylor

Facilitators & Trainers @

*YWAMERS = "Youth With A Mission Everywhere Reforming the Spheres"


Spheres 101 - A 5-Week Online Course

How to thrive being YWAMERS in the 7 Spheres of Influence

Designed to help you:

  1. Make decisions with clarity,
  2. Make an impact in whatever you are called to do, and 
  3. Do it all while experiencing His peace.

If you are unsure how to thrive in the place God has you, or you are feeling stuck, then this is the course for you.

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What we provide for you:


You are a unique part of the Body, and you need the gifts and calling of other parts to thrive.

God wants his children to work together.

We bring people like, and unlike you, together and facilitate divine connections.

This encounter may be a person, an event, an idea, an organization, or further training.


We create courses and resources specifically designed to serve you, a YWAMer in the Spheres.

We believe that God has called every you to live out the 18 foundational values in all 7 spheres of society and we train you how to do that.


We believe YWAM is first and foremost a movement. And that even if you have left the organization of YWAM you are still in the movement of YWAM.

We stay in touch with the organization on your behalf to hear what God is speaking to the movement (through the organization) and then we pass it on to you.

We understand your life is busy, and you may not have time to do the research yourself to stay continually up to date with what God is speaking to the YWAM movement.

What you don't know about YWAM

A video from the course Spheres 101 that students were so impacted by we felt to make it freely available to you.

How we practically serve you:

Social Media

We created a Facebook group and Instagram page to serve you.

The Facebook group is filled with thousands of people like you who have done YWAM in the past and are now out in the Spheres, figuring out how to live out their faith in everyday life.

You can ask questions in this group, hear others stories and struggles, and know you aren't alone in figuring out your faith journey.

Through the Instagram account you will be reminded of things you learned in YWAM. Make sure you read the captions which provide the practicals of applying what you learned and other helpful info.


Online Courses

You are a disciple. Disciple means 'learner'.

You have pretty much all the information you will ever need freely available at your fingertips through the internet.

We recognize that sometimes you may feel overwhelmed. You may find that there's too much information, or it's too general, or there's no personal connection, or it wasn't designed with you specifically in mind, or it's not provided in a structured way that creates motivation and a feeling of progress...

That is why we create structured, tailored, community-based online courses for you.


More is coming...

We are praying, discussing, and dreaming behind the scenes to figure out more ways to serve you and the other 5,000,000+ YWAMers in the Spheres.

If you have any ideas of needs out there we aren't yet meeting, we would love to hear from you.


Be notified of special offers, new product releases and other info relevant to you.

We would love to have your voice...


Questions? Know of resources, events, or ideas that our community should know about? Let us know.



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