This community was created by Jordan & Keltie Taylor, a couple who met in YWAM and felt called to help YWAMERS live missionally in their everyday life.

They believe transition out of the organization of YWAM doesn't have to be as challenging as some are experiencing and want to share what they have learned to make that process smooth.

They also feel called to remind those who have left YWAM that they are still a part of the movement of YWAM that God led them to be a part of - even if they left the organization of YWAM 30 years ago.

This community was created to make a space for YWAMERS to connect and collaborate whilst also providing coaching and training so that YWAMERS are equipped to thrive in whatever God has called them to do.

Jordan & Keltie Taylor

Facilitators & Trainers @ YWAMERS.community

Between them they have...

9 years in the Organization

Jordan & Keltie both started their YWAM journey through DTS in Kona, Hawaii.

Since then, between them, they have: staffed, led and pioneered DTSs, led outreach teams, spoken on DTSs, co-led a ministry, done a second level Bible school, gone through Circuit Riders and hosted Circuit Riders, and helped run a YWAM base in New Zealand.

8 years in the Spheres

Jordan & Keltie moved to Canada after leaving YWAM where they faced and overcame the challenges of transition.

In the last 4 years they have started two businesses, Jordan has been general manager of a national sign company and has been the interim lead pastor of a church, and they have a daughter named Lucy.

Jordan currently works at www.waybase.com which is a business that is mapping the global Christian Church online starting with Canada in order to help the Church work together. 

Jordan has continued to speak on YWAM DTSs while working in the Spheres.

Lifelong call to the Movement

Jordan & Keltie are passionate about helping YWAMERS to operate in their gifts, live free of shame and guilt, and to thrive in whatever sphere of influence they are called to operate in. 

They feel especially called to serve those transitioning out of the organization and the 5,000,000+ that have already moved on to their next assignment. 

Jordan & Keltie are also founders of...

Jordan and Keltie work together to help couples take their relationship to the next level.

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You Weren't Meant to Walk Alone

We are all different parts of the body, and we all bring unique experiences, gifts, and contributions to the table. We would be honoured to have you be a part of our community.


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