1. Specifically Tailored to YWAMERS


Jordan & Keltie interview YWAMERS in the Spheres. Tune in to hear their stories, and learn about the challenges they faced and are facing and how they have learned to apply what they learned in YWAM in their Sphere of Influence.

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Spheres 101

A 5-week online course designed to help those who have left YWAM to thrive in their everyday life.

Learn God's ways and strategies for living out your faith in a practical, every-day kind of way and no longer worry if you are 'doing enough' or if you are in 'God's will'.

Step into a new level of clarity and peace and discover the joy that God has for you in your everyday life.

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2. For all Christians (not just YWAMERS)

Faith Practically

mini-course designed to give you:

1. The 'how-to' of increasing your faith

2. How grace and faith work together and therefore how to walk in God's grace and not your own strength and

3. How to practically walk in God's promises for your life.

Designed for all Christians regardless of background.

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3. For Everyone (Christians and Non-Christians)

Accelerate Your Career

An instructional, step-by-step mini-course showing you how to take the next steps in your career.

Whether you are completely unsure of what you want to do, or you want to find a new job in the field you are already in, this is the course for you.

Take the confusion out of figuring out next steps by learning some insider tips from a Fortune 500 HR leader, Jordan's brother - Simon.

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