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Stories of Life-Change

"Spheres 101 has been life-changing for me. I really wish I had taken this right after I finished my DTS, I think I would’ve saved myself the pain of the consequences of poor decisions made when I returned home. However, 3.5 years after finishing DTS (and doing a Masters and going back into YWAM for my SBS), I still found benefit from this course. Jordan has really nailed some of the key factors on how we should live life outside of YWAM, and by participating in the course and doing the homework, I now have a different take on life. One of the best pieces of advice I was given before doing my DTS was that we get as much out of it as we put in. I have found that to be true in many other areas of life, and that is also true of this course. If you put in the effort, you will find that you see the world around you differently, and you will understand why life is different outside of YWAM."

Stephen Wright
In YWAM for 2 years

"I want to go through the videos again. I now have so much more joy in serving the Lord. I've been set free from a lot of things because of what you have taught. I thank God for directing me to take this course and I will share what I've learned."

Gwendolyn Traore

"Even though I am not personally leaving YWAM Gold Coast, we were encouraged by a previous staff member who had been with us for 4 years to take Spheres 101 as a way to get inspiration on how to better train & equip our staff on their transition out of YWAM. We focus a lot on the releasing of students and staff yet it seems we only have tools/teachings for our students when they leave YWAM and not our staff. The staff who recommended the course talked very highly of the simplicity of the teachings yet how eye opening they were so I decided to take the course and check it out. It was so awesome to hear Jordan blend together practicality and spirituality. This course has given me language to now create something for our staff who begin the journey of transitioning out of YWAM and also given me passion in my own life to continue to see God everywhere! I highly encourage this course for those who are personally transitioning out of YWAM and for those who want to support others in that process. "

Trayza Stobbe-Fright
Still in YWAM

"Jordan's lectures were well organized and spoke straight to my heart. It helped me to sort through feelings and helped me to actually understand what I was going through instead of sitting in confusion. He also gave practical tools and steps to start doing. By actually implementing these things into my daily routine I felt some of the overwhelming feelings going away. I felt God's presence more in a daily life that was so different from ministry. God opened my eyes more to seeing him in everyday life. I 10/10 recommend this course to anyone going back into the spheres after full time ministry with any organization, not just YWAM. And for any amount of time. This will help orient you and help you to find a rhythm with the Lord back in your daily life in the spheres."

Catherine Patterson
In YWAM 3.5 years

"I literally want to go through the videos all over again and take detailed notes, just so I can process them more and implement the principles into my day to day. One step at a time right? It's been a huge blessing and I definitely think more people should do this, even as they leave YWAM. I actually just recommended my last 1-on-1 to do it when she finishes staffing :) I have felt like I have support even when I don't have many people around me at the moment, and I can't tell you both how much I truly value that. I'm actually upset that it's over... :) Thank you for listening to God on this and I hope people will get to the end of the course, because it's invaluable what I've learnt this past 5 weeks. Much Aroha from the bottom of NZ haha, but for real, I cannot put into words how much this has impacted me!"

Jo-Ann Swart
In YWAM for 6 years

"I would highly recommend the course Spheres 101. The way Jordan shares basic biblical truths to help equip YWAMERS for the world is great. Using scripture and wisdom that are both necessary for integration out of the initial time of YWAM to carry on in life is awesome!!! Using your own life setting is paramount to you continuing the work that Christ has done in you throughout your YWAM experience. I would highly recommend this course I just wish for 4 years after YWAM I had have found something like this than having to wait until it came along. "

Phil Wooding
In YWAM for 2 years

"The course has helped me a lot so far. I've had a number of instances where I've actually took what you've taught in your course and put it into practice. Quick story, God is everywhere [Module 2] and Everything is Spiritual [Module 3]: I've been meeting with a lot of business professionals one on one lately and without trying to force God into the conversation, but simply keeping in mind that everything is spiritual, the conversation naturally lead itself to talking about their spiritual life whether it's the missions they've been on or the church that they are diving into. Before your course I would've easily missed those conversations because I put "church/missions" into a box but it's been very fun watching this happen in every day life"

Trey Bren
In YWAM for 6 months

"One of the first worksheets asked how I felt about the videos at the beginning of the Spheres 101 course, and I remember writing in big underlined capital letters: RELIEF. I ended up finishing Spheres 101 incredibly encouraged about my last year and with a renewed confidence moving forward. The timing couldn't have been more perfect for me!"

Emma Larkin
In YWAM for 12 months

"You guys are doing a great job. It's about community and we're all in this journey together. But its so helpful to hear about the same God from another person. And see the similarity that He is good. So this whole course has been so uplifting for me. Just to have a familiar face with a familiar call in their heart sharing lives together. I need that... we need that. I know a lot of stuff, but we need to fan the flame and we need to actively remind us of His goodness. So you guys are a huge blessing."

Benni Ossendorf
In YWAM for 6 months

"The course so far is brilliant Jordan. We are watching a video each night and trying to be disciplined. We love listening to you share your testimony and it's bringing us revelation! We enjoy completing the worksheets as it encourages us to reflect, be honest and those things are wonderful for growing a marriage. Thank you so much for stepping out and providing this course for us."

Hania & Rob Mastroddi
In YWAM for 6 months


We decreased the price from $197 to $40 during COVID-19, but have now decided to leave it at this price indefinitely.

Monthly Payment


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If one or two of these apply to you then this course was designed for you:

  • You were trained in YWAM and you are either still on staff with a heart to equip people for life in the 7 Spheres or you are already out of the organization of YWAM and are figuring out how to be a missionary in your everyday life.
  • You recognize that you didn't go to YWAM by mistake (even if it wasn't a perfect experience) and you feel like there is more you need to understand about why God led you there.
  • You want to apply all the things you learned in YWAM in your everyday life but you aren't sure how since your context is so different to the YWAM context.
  • You feel stuck or unsure how to move forward and are in need of practical guidance.
  • You feel a bit disconnected, and are needing community.
  • You want to live with a mission in your everyday life i.e. you want to be a lifestyle missionary

Course Overview

5 modules, 24 videos, 24 pages of worksheets

Module 1: Understanding and Managing Expectations

All disappointment, shame, and guilt are tied to the expectations we have of ourself, God, and others (or what we believe God and others expectations are of us). Becoming aware of these beliefs about expectations and then consciously aligning them with God's perspective sets us free of guilt and shame (not disappointment as this is not always unhealthy). Through this module we begin to align your thinking with God's so you can start to be set free of any emotional baggage you have been carrying around. 

Module 2: God is Everywhere

Once we are in a better emotional state it is easier for us to start to see God in our everyday life, and the more we see God, the more we become like Him. In this module I train you in discernment, I will help you to see God in more areas of your life. Also, some of the boxes you unknowingly put God in will be dismantled. 

Module 3: Everything is Spiritual

We've all heard this, we all intellectually understand it. But in this module I help you know why everything is spiritual and the implications of this for your everyday life. 

Module 4: How to Have Community

We know we need community. But sometimes we just don't know how to have community in our current season and location. In this module I explain what community is and how to have it in your life now.

Module 5: Receiving Guidance

We just want to follow God. We just want to do His will! But sometimes knowing His ways, and His will, can be challenging - for some of us, paralyzing. In this module I explain how to receive guidance from the Lord in your everyday life so you are empowered to move forward without being afraid of 'missing God's best'. 

Yes! This course is specifically designed for people who have done YWAM, so there will be some lingo you may not understand and a couple of stories that may not fully resonate.

However, the content of this course will help any Christian be a lifestyle missionary.

If you are hesitant, there is a 30 day money back guarantee so if you aren't satisfied you will be fully refunded.

You sure can. This would be especially beneficial if you are involved in any schools (DTS, second level schools etc) as what you will learn here you can pass on to your students to help them when they return home. It will also help you relate to people in your life who don't understand YWAM (i.e. family and friends back home, people groups you are evangelizing)

Definitely! It's for everyone who has once done YWAM. Once a YWAMer, always a YWAMer! No age limits!

No. The content will be drip fed over 5 weeks (if you want to binge, you can email in and we can unlock all the content), but you don't have to complete the content as soon as it is released. You are free to go at your own pace.

No. You can purchase one per household and share login information.

Forever! If we ever have to shut down our online system which hosts the course, we will notify you and enable you to download the videos so you can keep them on your personal device for as long as you like. 

No. This is not a university course, or a school exam. It is a tool for you to apply to your life. With a tool, you only fail if you don't use it! And with a tool, you can use it as much or as little as you desire - you decide how much it impacts your life.

You sure are! One of the 7 Spheres is the Religion/Church sphere. This course is for you!


We decreased the price from $197 to $40 during COVID-19, but have now decided to leave it at this price indefinitely.

Monthly Payment


Per $25 now and the other $25 in one month ($50 total)


One-Time Payment


Save $10


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